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Astral Navigations

Last Update
2019-07-30 17:29:36

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Artist Profile

Astral Navigations were formed in London in 2005. Since forming they have DJ'd and performed live around London and the Home Counties at numerous clubs and events.
Main songwriter Paul's previous bands have been played on Radio 1 and toured England.
Astral Navigations live performances feature Paul on Bass Guitar, Ben on Computers and a guest drummer.

Astral Navigations produce chill out music, best listened to when either hung over, stoned, drifting between sleep and consciousness - or best of all, when in all three of these states of mind.
Their aim is not to give you what you want, but what you didn't know you wanted.

Their first official release was the haunting track "First into space, last down to breakfast" on the German label Dive Records. Two tracks have been played on Pulse Rated radio and Sky channel 905.

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