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Art Sonic

Last Update
2019-07-31 04:38:35

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Artist Profile

Art Sonic is a moniker of music producer Richard Lisaj , who also records as Dubtrak (downtempo dub/psytrance globetronica) and Intersonic Subformation (abstract ambient) . "Roadside Sketches" is a first part of the Southwestern trilogy, a project inspired by a 3-week long road trip to the American Southwest (Colorado, Utah and New Mexico). Richard recorded a wealth of material during this trip and also did some field recordings which later, back in his studio, got incorporated into the tracks’ arrangements. Big prairie skies, Rocky Mountain panoramas, desert vistas, ghost towns and ancient Anasazi ruins, all provided inspiration to pick up the guitar and attempt to translate sights into notes. We hope you’ll enjoy this first part of Art Sonic's Southwestern trilogy – music that has been inspired by the mountain streams, rugged beauty of the desert, tales of the Old West and freedom of an open road.

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