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2019-07-28 13:52:54

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Artist Profile

Altered:Carbon is the project created by two electronic music producers from Scotland who brought their love of angular melodies, irregular rhythms, ambient, industrial and and glitch hop together to form this more “unified” guise, and borrowed the name from a novel by Richard Morgan. The sound of Altered:Carbon is a combination of the sound of their individual projects and as long term collaborators had always wanted to find one unified output for their work, so Altered:Carbon was born.

They received unfortunate notoriety with their self-titled debut “Altered:Carbon” which was leaked online to Soulseek by an unknown source disguised as the Oversteps album by Autechre, and spread like wildfire until one of their sources debunked this rumour causing disappointment to some, whilst others praised the prank and the release itself. Nevertheless the “proper” album was released on the Section 27 label in February 7th 2010. A new album titled “Hilander”, a collaboration featuring Kendall Washington from Spokane, USA was released on Section 27 in October 31st 2010 and also features a bonus “Instrumentals” portion.

A self titled mini EP side project has also been released under the alias Mitoma.

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Fr, Nîmes
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Section27 [ext] by-nc-nd
Uk, Scotland
34 Releases, 199 Artists
electronica idm dnb experimental ambient glitch breaks techno minimal electro industrial dub hip-hop downtempo abstract chill glitch-hop leftfield  
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