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2019-07-27 05:29:07

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Artist Profile

Afion is an alias behind which we find the author, macedonian electronic music composer and producer Branislav Nastoski, who entered a musical realm with classical guitar studies in his early years, and creates electronic music autonomously since 1995. which was preceded by a period in which he took part in several bands with different stylistic determination - alternative, fusion jazz... As a part of the project "Hierophant" composed music for a theatrical performance “The Balkan Orpheus”. In 2001. had an ambiental project for Macedonian national TV “The fields of dreams”. In 2003. publishes the album “Aeolian” for “Kukuzel music”, Macedonia. Also, the video clip for his "Aeolian" track "Distance doesn..t matter" was produced for presentation on the canadian music television "B:PM". His engagement in music also includes numerous works composed for a special purpose, for example, a movie which took part in the 2004. Italian MTV..s short forms competition, the presentation of a factory complex “Fusina” in northern Italy, presentation of a solar based electrical plant in Sicilly, etc... The main characteristic of his music is the ambiental thread that binds the musical weaving of all tracks. Carefully chosen textures and instruments define the outlines and depict author..s inner world landscapes, who reveals his sensibility with sincerity and devotion through his compositions characterised by freedom and spontaneity. Formed during a longer period of time, the basic ideas evolved, freed from the limitations of strict genre definitions, being gradually enriched with elements which found their own place naturally. The arrangements posses the same quality. Eluding any form of strict defining, both by his nature and his work, the author nevertheless finds himself in the widest area of ambiental music, exploring its unlimited potentials and undiscovered beauties pervaded with mystery and spirituality.

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