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Roots Ista Posse

Last Update
2019-07-31 05:12:12

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Artist Profile

"Over the past few years, the term "Dub" has come to describe the process of layering a lot of different pieces of one music in order create something new, from
Reggae to Drum & Bass. This phenomenon has recently gained in popularity, with Electronica exposing the Dubwize to a wider audience, and Internet blogs and message boards facilitating their distribution in the form of mp3s. In the middle of the phenomenon's growing hype, Roots Ista Posse have distinguished their work by adding
a Huge Sense of Massive Tunes. In addition to keeping the Irie Sound, Roots Ista Posse also regularly collect their best NumericSounds, blends, and Dubbin'Cuts for
increase the Riddim with a FreshAir of the ModernSound Dimension. From The AnalogSound to NumericSystem, mixed in a StayReal-OneShot Session, only a Taste of Dubwize with a Babyface, often have been rocking The Dub's crowds with healthy doses of Roots, Dancehall, HighlyAmbient, NothernSoul, ComputingMusic, RockSteady or
anyelse. Roots Ista Posse didn't wait to cross da Channel to shake up the rest of the world."

--- Roots Ista Posse

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