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Jahtari : JTR NET09

Released on
Playtime: 9:24 - 192kb/s - 10.57 MB



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Release Notes

Better put in some teeth protectors before you listen to this one in front of your favourite bass speaker! A MASSIVE wall of dubness coming at you from new Jahtari artists ROOTS ISTA POSSE, right from ParisTown / France.

"8BIT BATTLE DUB" lifts off with some serious 8bit-laser-cannon action, followed by some heavy, heavy basslines. Chords and echos land in from all coordinates of the room, rolling onwards with unstoppable steppa force.
Gut-shaking track!

"HOOKED MI UP DUB" is built on an off-groove low-bass foundation that will bring every sound system to its limits. Deep chords and shuffling drums are wrapped up in HiHats which are underway in various echo chambers at the same time.

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