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What’s the point of going to a job interview if you’re really not all that well-qualified for the job? Well, there are a few ways it can work for you.
You might think that a lack of qualifications will knock you out of the running right from the start, but that isn’t always the case. Some companies are happy to editing cv online and consider under-qualified candidates.
Some even make a point of it! Fishbowl, for example, hires employees who might have no relevant qualifications, but demonstrate the following personal strengths:
* Respect;
* Belief;
* Loyalty;
* Commitment;
* Trust;
* Courage;
* Gratitude
So don’t give up on your dream job just because you’re missing a few qualifications.
Sure, there are some careers–brain surgery, for example!– where you really do need to be fully qualified. But in many cases, qualifications are a nice-to-have rather than a must-have.
Improve Your Interview Performance
If you know you’re under qualified for a job, the interview can be stressful. You walk in there feeling like you’re already at the bottom of the list. Don’t!
You may still have a good chance of winning the job if the employer thinks you’re a good fit for the role, and that has as much to do with your personality as your qualifications.
Interview experience is worth gaining for its own sake, too. Even if you don’t get this job, you’ll be better prepared for future interviews. And the better your interview skills get, the more likely you are to win the next job you apply for.
Boost Your Professional Reputation
Your interview isn’t the only thing a potential employer considers.
Recommendations from your past employers go a long way to establish your professional credibility. Use LinkedIn to request recommendations from your old bosses; that’s the easiest way to ensure that people trust the testimonials.
Have you checked out your professional reputation online? What will your potential employer see if they use a search engine to check you out? Find out by searching for your own name online.
If you find embarrassing photos of you that have been tagged with your name on Facebook, un-tag yourself. An unbecoming Tweet you posted while you were off-duty and a little tipsy? Delete it. And if you realize that the search results are way beyond your control, look into the help you can get from reputation services to push undesirable results further down the rankings so that your potential employer won’t notice them.
Every step you take to prepare for interviews and curate your professional reputation is one step closer to winning your next job.

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