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wavelike : wave006 ~ Makkadessia ~ Ukusse Snake

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 20:50 - 320kb/s - 39.06 MB
Date released
Date published
2011/05/03 16:54h



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Release Notes

"Sometimes evil pursues the warrior of light, and when it does, he calmy invites it into his tent. He asks evil: 'Do you want to hurt me or use me to hurt others?' Evil pretends not to hear. It says that it knows the darkness in the warrior's soul. It touches wounds that have not yet healed and calls for vengeance. It mentions certain tricks and subtle poisons that will help him to destroy his enemies. The warrior of light listens. If conversation flags, he encourages evil to continue talking by asking all about its various plans. When he has heard everything, he gets up and leaves. Evil feels so weary and empty after all this talk that it does not have the strength to follow him." by Paulo Coelho

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