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crazy language : monographic 042 | crazy language

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 01:32:41 - 320kb/s - 173.78 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/01/05 14:25h



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Release Notes

New year, new Monographic.

Friends of hyperspacial complex rhythms, this is our present for you. Started on 2006, the Berlin based Crazy Language netlabel, has delivered netaudio enthusiasts an electrical storm of IDM, glitch, experimental beats. In this occasion, Weedbeat, aka Silvio, CL curator, has managed to record this mix, and who better than him to tell us what’s it about:

“Hi, that was a mission! I tried to get tracks of all the artists have released an EP or LP on Crazy Language. Also i wanted to show you the wide range in electronic music. So you will find downbeat electronica, glitch, abstract, ambient, idm, fx experimentals, glitch hop, breaks… From melancholy over beautiful to just crazy and back again. I left all tracks in original tempo. Check out our releases to find much more interesting music. This podcast mix is too short to show all. I hope you enjoy the crazy journey! Peace!!!”

So, no more presentations and enjoy the 1h:32m condensed peek at the catalogue of Crazy Language.



01 Pleq – Our Hearts Die (cl-010) 02 Randomform – Axia (cl-019) 03 Burdeos – Semper Aliud (cl-020) 04 Sintetic Collage – Brief Farewell (cl-020) 05 Lucidstatic – REM122908 (cl-024) 06 Rec_Overflow – Est (cl-009) 07 Sukdabeat – Numglutch (cl-022) 08 Cybotnik – The East Will Return (cl-014) 09 Francisco Godikinho – Lost Broadcast (cl-018) 10 Sukdabeat – Crustik (cl-022) 11 Logical Disorder – Cortex (cl-023) 12 JFrank – No Such Face (cl-017) 13 Ralp – Protopleural (cl-011) 14 Nick R 61 – Click Of Static (cl-025) 15 Francisco Godikinho – Banebdjedet (cl-018) 16 JFrank – Evil Prelude (cl-017) 17 Spenza – Gob (cl-012)  18 FMcontrol Hackney Ill Rhyma (Vocals By Dave Taylor) (cl-020) 19 Iqbit – Beax (cl-016) 20 Atmogat – Neutro Bionic (cl-021) 21 ENV(itre) – Portrait Of A Daily Sin (cl-007) 22 Cybotnik – My Little Chaos (cl-014) 23 Orbique – Help Me (cl-004) 24 ENV(itre) – Fbrrual (cl-015) 25 Huron – Deeply Science (cl-008)

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