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dead rat records : live sets in the rat hole

Released on
Playtime: 19:55 - 64kb/s - 7.47 MB



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Release Notes

tomo ito is a hellish romantic. he is a romantic of technology, a romantic of rave and dance floors, of groove and drum-machines. he says: "there once was a dream named techno. this word was nearly magic, and music seemed to be foothills of great alps, but it turned out to be the peaks of these mountains. unfortunately, techno was a step, after which we saw only a slope and a way to a flat plateau. but some people didn't want to go down. let us be at a deadlock, but we will be doing well what we love." a 20-minuit fragment of his techno-live in the rat hole - first release of dead rat records - shows us, that tomo ito haven't gone down from peaks so far, and, alas, he would never find a quit from the deadlock.

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