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20kbps : future legend

Released on
Playtime: 12:31 - 24kb/s - 1.76 MB

no license specifyed yet. you must not use any of the provided material before you have checked the labels website for license information.


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Release Notes

20kbps rec. proudly presents for the first time ever: KidDumonceau! that is k9d (mp3death)and his friend loic (aka araucaria) from belgium. they have been swapping lsdj saves. the cover design is by krista v. (aka k9). there are two tracks on the ep, the first one is sort of a lsdj-version of a upfront-drum'n'bass track. no question, it's a must have-heard. the second track is a spaced up janky bitbop track, very catchy, it goes straight into your ears. enjoy!

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