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escala : [escala 0:5] ehhh Ep.

Released on
Playtime: 27:24 - 288kb/s - 46.30 MB
Date published
2009/12/13 00:19h



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Release Notes

ehhh is the name of the the new realease of Diego Cadierno in his debut with escala. An electro-minimalist tune full of rhythm and for sure will not dissapoint to lovers of the sessions of this young dj from León now based in Madrid. So, this is one of the escala releases most focused to the dancefloor, to demostrate this you just only need to listen tunes like “Black Box” or “Bluzbol”, ideal for tyhe last hours of the night. And if you want to listen to him in direct, do not doubt to go to some of the Cadierno’s sessions, habitually in algoennegro, in Madrid.

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