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envizagae : barrique EP

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 34:56 - 256kb/s - 52.40 MB
Date released
Date published
2012/01/27 00:00h



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Release Notes

verstaerker aka Tino Nettling (*25.12.1976) is born and grown up in Bernburg in former eastern germany.
his artistical interest started in his early childhood with drawing & painting.
Later when computers got into his live he started using them for painting, 3D-graphics and also to create music.
Influenced by his favourite techno-artist like Robert Armani, DJ Skull, Joey Beltram and many others
he tried to create his own interpretation of techno. Later he got more influenced by heavy industrial music
wich lead him to create his first album „Tonal Series Part I“ (2003).
On this release he merged his influences of rhythm-industrial and techno into a rough and aggressive musical mix,
perfectly suited for heavy club-nights.
The second part of the „Tonal Series“ was then released by the end of 2004.
With this release he mainly concentrated on creating a more diversified sound and music.
The style was still heavy rhythm-industrial.
From that time he started to experiment more and more and tried to find new ways of creating music.
Analog Synthesizer became his passion. They opened a new world of sounds and ways to create music.
So his third album „Analogien“ arised and got in April 2007 released.
It contained a grown up musical style which was less wild and aggressive but much more soulful, strong and powerful.
His roots of techno and industrial were still present but were supplemented by Electro and EBM and other experimental styles.
One could say his own style got more unique.
Then he got more addicted by new ways of creating sounds and new musical styles such as IDM and a search for a new style and definition of his sound started.
The now released „barrique ep“ shows some results of this search.
His music is today a diversified mixture of many styles such as techno, industrial, idm, droneambient, noise.
He‘s not aiming to create a certain genre - he‘s just making music he likes and suites to many situations in life - may it be the night in the club,
the long cartrip, a cooking session with friends or the infamous Electronic-Attack-partys, wich he organizes for several years now in his hometown Bernburg.

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