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kreislauf : X - Singles And Singularities

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 01:16:32 - 320kb/s - 143.50 MB
Date released
Date published
2016/07/03 13:09h



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Release Notes

In Vitro - X - Singles And Singularities
(Kreislauf 162)

01 Souland
02 Hip Hope
03 Deep Hop
04 Triptonite
05 Neptune
06 La Caida De Los Opresores
07 Talk To Me
08 Yellow
09 Yellow
10 Chquiny
11 Buscando La Nube Del No-Saber
12 Ya No Un Yo Sino Un Nosotros
13 Liberaos
14 Afuera Del Mapa
15 Free Energy Safe Energy
16 White Lines In The Sky
17 Rise Up
18 No Esta La Vida En El Poseer
19 Al Sur
20 Close To Me You
21 Mitad De Luna

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