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top 40 : We spy on you

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 27:03 - 192kb/s - 30.43 MB
Date published
2010/05/02 10:25h



experimentalambientmicrowaveminimalism Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

This is a radical experiment with silence, paranoid micronoises, inspired by the art of espionage. By chance we were able to capture this secret transmission to reveal the truth - someone's always secretly watching you. The musical idea of this work is concentrated in the absolutely imperceptible nuances: sounds brought to you by your imagination are even more important, that the ones actually recorded. Please do remember, you are under the permanent video surveillance.You know Radio 4's song Dance To The Underground? Well, this is the underground, but you can't dance to FSB's music 'cause it's too quiet, minimal, no rhythm... But you can still dance in your mind. The second track from FSB's EP is called Food For Your Fantasy and I think this title connects well with the music, which is more a sound experiment, silent and ultra-microsound, present enough to make you aware of it's existence, crawling sound fighting for it's survival in a very fragile way. This music/sound is somehow strange and a bit alienated. ---- Staalplaat's VITAL WEEKLY #401Check the photo-gallery for the album here

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