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FUSELab : VA - Re-Passage 2

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 57:35 - 320kb/s - 107.97 MB
Date published
2010/12/21 15:18h
Release link



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Release Notes

Passage presents an overview compilation devoted to the label’s update - now Passage is a part of FUSELab media association. This compilation covers the musical matter that already became familiar to our listeners and also sets a new vector of resource’s development.The collection consists of two equal parts separated by a thin emotional edge and includes works of permanent label artists, as well as entirely new heroes’ magic. Sublime passages of Clouds In My Home, Gaston Arevalo and 9 Fake Tears, deep rich worlds of Clapan, Polar Lights and Feldmaus, thin enveloping textures of Offthesky, Lazzich and Naono, multifaceted design of Slow, Doyeq, Unique Matter and so much more.Large-scale extragalactic regatta came to the finish – meet!

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