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PandaFuzz : Untimely Music

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 55:56 - 320kb/s - 104.88 MB
Date released
Date published
2011/07/06 00:38h



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Release Notes

There is a physical pace to life, set against the metronome of society’s busier circles, that a person can spend their whole lives trying to keep up with, escaping from, or pushing against. If one were to work against this speed it becomes easy to fall out of sync with things. Feelings of alienation creep in as thunderous marches call out in the city streets and you are left behind a crumpled mess.

There is also an unseen speed, set by consumption patterns and the wonders of modern medicine, that shape the way people live and how their lives play out. It is this physiological level where we make crucial decisions about how we live in this world and how the world lives with us and it is this speed that happens without us even knowing it.

Rodzmatos provides us with hardly a crumpled mess here, rather a finely tuned set of improvisations….for those of us feeling out of sync or those of us wanting to feel out of sync anyway. To me…they feel just right.

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