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SouthernCitysLab : Unpredictable Feelings

Released on
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Playtime: 29:03 - 192kb/s - 32.68 MB
Date released
Date published
2014/05/07 13:10h



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Release Notes

A year ago , who would have thought that only appeared Pk jazz Collective will be the main driving force of our label .
This is reflected not only in the number of published album received many positive reviews , but also in collaboration with many artists such as: Ховбай Хвекмеев, Павкашавет бантут and Alex Fry from Break The Bans.
Now we are reached for a new album by Pk jazz Collective, and I want to note that Вячеслав continues to vocalizing, just like in 4x4, his previous album . Here we can see departure from the kraut- jazz to psychedelic rock , with a strong impact of "The Doors" sound.
Also there is a collaboration track. Track "Just With You" co-wrote with Moscow band Райт.

All music & text by Pk jazz Collective (Vyacheslav Korotin)
(01) We'll Never Grow Older text by Boris Grebenshikov
(05) Just with you music by Райт
Artwork by Vyacheslav Korotin

Join us!
Pk jazz Collective:Сollective/437177649640333

Southern City‘s Lab:

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