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12rec : Tupolev EP

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 33:39 - 192kb/s - 37.86 MB
Date published
2009/09/14 15:31h



Give Love
Give Rubel ?

Release Notes

it takes tupolev three songs and exactly 12 minutes and 17 seconds to raise their voices. and when they do so, nothing really happens- their singing isn't meant for grapping one's attention, to carry emotion or even content. it's just a further instrument to accomplish their certain vision of contemporary avant-garde folk music. throughout that EP there is a feeling of vagueness and stumbling.

tupolev play very slow, add a lot of time-changes and keep rolling around all common harmonies. it's a kind of jazz music, for tupolev know exactly what they're doing: song number four, called as for misery, sounding like a sad drunken sailorman walking home at five o'clock in the morning, deep minor chords, singing, fieldrec, a little drums. but boy, after seven minutes the sun seems to rise; sounds increase like the city awakens and a melody as-beautiful-as-it-can-get emerges from the depths, lasting only for a few seconds before the song ends. on the other end of the spectrum there is rnd, the song afterwards, a mathematical piece of chamber-folk, precise and perfect.due to all mentioned musical qualities, also the tupolev-sound is awesome. the piano is dry and dusty, the drums sound everything else but fat and vocals aren't put upfront. simply perfect, no doubt!

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