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crazy language : The Other Space Stories

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 44:01 - 294kb/s - 78.11 MB
Date released
Date published
2011/10/05 18:47h



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Release Notes

Space Trip Into Parallel Universe

Complementing the previously well-received album "Unicorns, Saigas, Narwhals and Other Space Stories", Burdeos teamed up with some of his mates to produce reinterpretations of the album’s finest tunes.
On "The Other Space Stories" Burdeos opens and closes the album with some variations as well, whilst in between you’ll find some spacey mixes from the likes of Ralp, Sr. Aye, Rec_Overflow amongst other talented folks.
It’s a burst of super novas shaping into new shining undecifrable space objects, while we’re in our tiny ships witnessing these wonderous events and suddenly the void and silent universe turns into a sensorial banquette. Never exploring a parallel universe has been this much fun! [F.G.]

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