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BFWrecordings : The Keeper of Lost Souls

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 33:21 - 320kb/s - 62.53 MB
Date released
Date published
2015/02/14 16:42h



experimentalambientdronechillsoundscapebassfretless Please login to edit Tags
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   [40.03 kb]

Release Notes

The full length debut on BFW from kevin Buckland (he has appeared on Album In A Day).
This is a very quiet album of peaceful and reflective music.
There will be more music from kevin soon.

I'm a freelance/solo bassist currently studying for a music degree at music college in London. My musical influences include Brian Eno, Thomas Koner, William Basinski, Phillip Glass, Steve Reich, and Steve Lawson.

I intend my music to draw the listener in, and for the listener to become - for a brief moment in time - part of the music.

My music is mixed so that some tracks are sometimes barely audible, so listening through a good pair of headphones is highly recommended.

My compositional work generally falls within the genres of instrumental experimental, electroacoustic or ambient. It is created solely with the use of electric six string fretted and fretless basses, an eBow electronic bowing device, and a multitude of effects processors, including reverbs, delays, modulation, pitch shifting and distortion. I also add noise and ambient sounds to the recordings, these are usually altered with the use of further reverb, delay, modulation and bitcrusher effects to create otherworldly sonic backdrops to my music.

Although I can play both keyboards and piano, six string bass guitar is my regular instrument, and is the one that I play most proficiently, the instrument that I am able to be the most expressive on.

None of my music is composed with an idea in mind of how it should or would sound when finished. It starts and evolves, my music composition is a gradual and constantly developing process. I like the indeterminacy of this type of music, not knowing where it will take you, and what will happen next. I spend an extremely large amount of time in the subsequent arrangement, editing, mixing and production of the compositions. One of the advantages of digital recording is that the arrangements are free to evolve and constantly develop, I can build the track, adding new layers and colours, experimenting with different effects, sounds and textures until the piece is complete.

The resultant music, is created with often a simple yet elegant harmony, but with deep and rich textures and contrasts.

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