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terminalstation : The Hyper Sonic Resonator - Blind Man's Buff

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 23:07 - 192kb/s - 26.01 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/06/09 12:57h



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Release Notes


The Hyper Sonic Resonator - Blind Man’s Buff [tsa-034]

The Hyper Sonic Resonator’s third musical offering, & second terminalstation release, Blind Man’s Buff emerges out of live projects & shows performed during 2009.

Composed as a four-part fugue with strange segues & voices drifting in, linking up, looping & punctuating throughout, The Hyper Sonic Resonator’s Blind Man’s Buff is an odyssey of sound; a bizarre, hilarious & occasionally frightening take on the genre of musical improvisation.

The sound comes from a Steptoe-like, Thrift-Shop pillage of vintage equipment: dusting off the DX7, circuit-bending the Crumar string section, illegal 8-bit sampling raids, the resuscitation of ancient-relic analogue synths, & recombining & re-wiring these sacred objects & cultural artefacts with HSR’s usual irreverent black humour.


The Hyper Sonic Resonator - Blind Man’s Buff

1. The HSR Particle Musicalizer

2. Steptoe Space junk

3. Right Inside you

4. Panty Sniffing Pervert

5. Geek Tragedy


Neil Wright

Antony Cooke

Tilner Barlow

Engineered by Philip Daine

Visual collaboration with Ed George.

Recorded & improvised on vintage synths & samplers at Kings College, Birmingham, UK.

A Leg Iron Productions Field Recording 2010


Vintage Warrior Review:

Mr Eddy & The Hyper Sonic Resonator - Kings College, Birmingham.

The lights go down & we are presented with a silent hand-show, they are ladies hands, painted & unbitten, a kind of shadow play ensues, sleek hands, cut to the outline of a record deck, the hand lifts the needle & makes contact. We hear the click of the groove; the lights go up a little to reveal the group, silhouetted against the screen four guys on keyboards & percussion. 

The set starts off in a kind of cocktail lounge mood, with comic lines from old films & TV. It’s difficult to tell where the tracks float into each other with the visuals, but patterns & motifs begin to emerge & form. There is a natural switch in groove to a more Krautrock feel & its not obvious where this is all going. There is some murderous screaming on the screen, a woman in Greek mask enacts grief...& slowly as her wails fade, a sea-shanty dub is picked out. Mr Eddy floats and dissolves battleships in black & white whose guns twist into trees which twists into jungle & once again the groove picks up to tribal techno as a native boy is chased through the forest by an unseen pursuer, the set ends as the pursued boy makes his escape over a waterfall.

Best described as tripped-out surrealist sideshow, The Hyper Sonic Resonator give us a fantastical account, a bizarre musical wandering, terrifying & utterly compelling, with stunning visuals by the witty Mr Eddy.

This terminalstation release is bought to you in association with Leg Iron Productions 2010


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