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12rec : Thanks For Listening To This Record Which Made My Hours Pass So Quickly

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 46:36 - 256kb/s - 69.90 MB



Give Love
Give Rubel ?

Release Notes

How long has David Schweighart been around before we first came up with the idea of giving his widespread songs a proper long play release? And then, after a gracious weekend in Dresden, how long did it take to compile, master, design and communicate this precious gem of a an album? Feels like years.With his enormously entitled "Thanks For Listening To This Record Which Made My Hours Pass So Quickly" solo album, David Schweighart enters the stage as one of Vienna's most talented musicians. From the scratch, he plays drums and guitar at Tupolev, tours with Vanessa and Eric Arn as Primordial Undermind and joined the KES-liveband just recently (KES, as you might know, is the Indierock-outfit of Protestant Work Ethic). David is gifted, and he is addleheaded. He's a cute guy and he's in love. For the third and final part of our Austrian Autumn Winter Special, David Schweighart discharges a cornucopia of Folk-, Psychedelica- and chamber Pop-influenced lo-fi goodies he kept secret for a long time. His album incorporates calm improvisations and simple Folk-tunes, exhausting experiments and rich orchestrated Adult Pop. His "Prager Lovesongs" are touching at first go, "Ich Bin Gleich" and "In Die Sonnne Lachen" are delicate and advanced pieces for guitar, cello, trumpet and the inescapable harmonica. "Eisstockschiessen" (as heard on Mödling Moreover) and the warm and drony remix of Lukas Scholler's "Opticplus" (from his critically acclaimed At Land EP) are highlights, too. The album closes with a difficult song. "My Head in the Harmonium" is constructed from various layers of voice and harmonica that, very similar to "." from the Tupolev EP, constantly interfere with each other. Harmonies come and go, dissonance changes place with melody. Here, David Schweighart proves himself as a soulful crooner, and then, at some point, the fireworks start... Please listen carefully!

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