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top 40 : Techno No

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Release Notes

Las Kalugas is a free improvise quartet, established in Russia in 2002 by Swiss duo Les Halmas (Ilja Komarov and his wife Trixa Arnold) and Russian band Henky Hammok (Vlad Dobrovolsky and George Bogdasarov, also the members of PIAM). Techno No is the only album, ever recorded by this project. Childish, melodic loop-ballades, atmospheric guitar, freakish space-synthesizers, meditative avantgarde movements, chaotic cut-ups, blasts of digital noises, weird string passages. With all sorts of non-existing musical styles in it (minimal glitch humming, slow non-rhythmic dub, abstract turntable sketches, dramatic ambient), Las Kalugas is a musical dark matter and supernova outburst at the same time.Trixa Arnold :: turntables, kalimba, samples, mouth harp, melodeonIlja Komarov :: bass, trifles for bass, voices, sounds, stringsGeorge Bogdasarov :: guitar, samples, Max/MSP, duduk, glasses, Polyvox synthesizerVlad Dobrovolski :: synthesizers (Unost, Faemi, Altair, Polyvox), cymbals, melodeon

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