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top 40 : Shor

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 51:47 - 192kb/s - 58.26 MB
Date published
2010/05/02 09:53h



Give Love
Give Rubel ?

Release Notes

Shor, the fifth album by Motor, is a successor of both Freeze and horse traX. It leads you to the realm of beautiful and experimental music: field recordings, abandoned radio transmissions, melodic cut-up's, sentimental glitch-ambient, subtle digital distortions, minimalistic clicking beats.

All tracks written and produced by Motor. Mama created with Nastia (glockenspiel solo, voice). Motormix 4 TVPow (RW) collaborated with TV Pow. Urban soundscape produced with Michael Hartman. Mastered by Motor. Special thanx to Michael Hartman and Aleksey Petin.Shor is really good, I like the softness of it, but it's also very intricate. The feeling is similar to Freeze, but a step further. ---- Michael Hartman, Kuro Neko Music

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