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rawmatroid : Seirênes

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 25:42 - 320kb/s - 48.19 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/09/04 16:24h



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Release Notes

The 7th reference in Rawmatroid Club, called “Seirênes”, is signed by Lefrenk, a very personal work, in which the retro atmosphere live together in perfect harmony with the modern electronic sounds made up with boldness and criteria.

Telxíope is the track selected by Lefrenk to introduce our new release, a perfect mix of simplicity, smoothness and deep emotion.After this first cut as an intro, Redne’s bumping drum and hypnotic bass start a track risky in sounds and with contagious energy.

Teles continues the extravagant line of this EP in a tone that could be defined between sarcastic and provocative, and with a style that can be classified as postacid.

Molpe ranks n. 4 in the EP with a depth that differentiates it from the other tracks, making a perfect rhythmic closure of Seirênes and leaving Lefrenk’s personal music mark.

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