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zymogen : Sclerosis

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 44:39 - 320kb/s - 83.72 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/05/24 15:44h



experimentalambientelectronicabstract Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

con_cetta is the first Italian artist on Zymogen, and we're extremely glad to have such a great musician representing the label's home country. Giuseppe, con_cetta's real name, is from Sicily but now lives in Milan, which is the leading commercial and financial center of Northwestern Italy.Sclerosis is his debut under this moniker and could be seen as Giuseppe's attempt at escaping the chaos of the industrial metropolis, generally seen as lacking the color and poetry of everyday life. This release is full of passion while the contrast between the two extremes is clearly audible and molded into the sound.Giuseppe explores many different languages in the field of electronic music, but his composition process is structured in a particular way. He begins with samples taken from different recording sessions and then processes every sound using Gleetchlab, a software programmed by Tobor Experiment, which, with its very intuitive interface, gives Giuseppe all the possibilities to express his feelings and imagination in a digital format. The first track '2.53' slowly evolves from hypnotic samples into a string symphony over white noise pulses. 'Hexagram', features a collaboration with Nicola Ferloni, a guitarist from the indie band 'Go Down Moses', whose guitar is dismantled through processing, resulting in something completely different. Another significant track, 'Calendaexl', is a great example of composition with different layers which slowly appear on the surface.Sclerosis is only con_cetta's first step in musical research, but in June 2008 the well known British label Moteer will release his debut album, entitled Micro. Keep your eyes peeled for this name.

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