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Dub-o-phonic : Run and Tell REMIXED

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 51:01 - 320kb/s - 95.66 MB
Date published
2015/02/27 16:58h



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Release Notes

One year after his first release on Dubophonic and following his recent European tour, the international artist from Mexico Yasser Serano, better known as Mexican Stepper, returns with another heavyweight track. Based on the same concept of the “Mad Sunday” EP, Yasser introduces his new tune “Run & Tell” and calls in these times of tribulation the Peruvian singer Rebel-I for vocal assistance, running and telling to the four corners of the world that Babylon is falling down. Originally the title track has been included in Mexican Stepper’s digital LP “Piramide del Sol” from last year released on the French netlabel Original Dub Gathering.

But since Dubophonic likes to experiment and stir things together, we have called assistance from our extended family of artists and asked them to spread the conscious message of the tune in their own style and fashion. The result was twelve exclusive versions of the original tune, reconstructed and mixed all around the world, strengthening the bonds and proving one more time, that conscious dub music is an international thing. Among all versions there is one special dubplate by Mexican Stepper and five remixes by Injham (FR), Thriakis Dub Destroyer (FR), Koncrete Roots (UK), JahYu (GER) and Mr Zebre (MEX), as well as six alternative cuts/dubs by Du3normal (HUN), Holy Sound Crew (FR), Murjah Warriors (ITA), Dubios (GER), Mr Mefistou (PR) and Ktopp (GER).

Which is your favourite? You may prefer Mr Zebre’s warrior style vibration or the rootically inspired remix of Thriakis Dub Destroyer. Perhaps it’s the organic skunking melody of the Murjah Warriors, armed with a mandolin and a melodica ina “Renaissance” steppa style, that will carry you away inna cloud of irieness … or the heavy vibrations of Koncrete Roots and Injham. Perhaps the correct question should be “Which one is our favourite?” Well, all twelve versions are heavy enough to set Babylon on fire. So play them LOUD! It remains to you to discover the magic hidden behind each version!


01. Run and Tell - Mexican Stepper ft. Rebel-I (dubophonic dubplate)
02. Dub and Tell - Du3normal
03. Run and Tell - Injham (remix)
04. Holy skunk dub - Holy Sound Crew
05. Run and Tell - Thriakis Dub Destroyer (remix)
06. Run and Tell - Koncrete Roots (remix)
07. Sjunking melody - Murjah Warriors
08. Brutal dub - Dubios
09. Run and Tell - JahYu (remix)
10. Snow apocalypse skunk - Mr Mefistou
11. Run come - Mr Zebre (remix)
12. Heavy skunk - Ktopp


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