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Galaverna : Re:Fujaco [gal 0030]

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 32:41 - 320kb/s - 61.28 MB
Date released
Date published
2012/10/27 01:08h



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Release Notes


Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela are one of the historic collaborations of the Lusitania electronica, which in recent years has been experiencing a particularly prolific season in terms of releases and new projects. The fruitful research laboratory they have established a few years ago, the Crónica Electrónica label, has become one of the liveliest corners of experimentation in the contemporary digital music scene.

Galaverna is therefore delighted to host, for the third release of its catalog, the contribution of the two sound artists from Porto. Following a line of conceptual exploration in post-digital sound proposed by the label run by Enrico Coniglio and Leandro Pisano, Carvalhais and Tudela decided to venture into a long suite of thirty-two minutes, based on atmospheres and resonances captured during an artist residency at the São Pedro do Sul mountains, in center Portugal, in May 2011.

The villagers of Fujaco, the surroundings and the natural environment are the focus of a series of field recordings wich are distorted, dirtied, elongated, smoothed in a kaleidoscope of mixed elements, disturbed as if they were leaked from the unreachable frequencies of a shortwave radio.

The work of Carvalhais and Tudela, presented during the festival
“Vozes de Magaio” a few months after the recordings, is in some ways
the continuation of a journey of exploration of sound spaces, already
started in previous albums like “Music for Empty Spaces”: in balance
between surrealism and hallucinatory atmosphere, “89″ offers a short
and intense glimpse of a ghostly landscape where the rewriting of
environmental sample becomes a melange of shapes, effects and acoustic illusions playing on different levels. As in a refined and charming
“mirror effect”.

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