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Section27 : Popular Ghosts

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 43:15 - 320kb/s - 81.09 MB
Date released
Date published
2011/07/04 19:21h



idmexperimentalambientindustrialpsychedelicabstract Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

Apydiagirls is the side-project of Scottish/Canadian resident artist known as Dissolved. Maybe we shouldn't have blown that cover, but then again this release deserves to be held up with as much merit as its sibling. We have been stealthily following his impressive collection of releases for a few years now, and this intriguing album "Popular Ghosts" surfaced online a couple of years ago like a rare gem for those who found it.

This edition has been expanded and repackaged exclusively for Section 27 and features new tracks and artwork to look at as well. For those familiar with previous territory he has covered, this is a glitchy and more volatile Sister who only comes out when she feels like it to bring a hacksaw to beats, voices and equipment and put them back together with digital masking tape. Its the soundtrack to a horror movie that was made in your subconscious.

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