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Stroboskop : Penetration

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 42:11 - 320kb/s - 79.09 MB
Date released
Date published
2013/10/22 20:41h



electronicatechnorockaciddrugsczechfamilymusesnot:for:kidspanacikfrankie (4f)mutantlukáš scheffervice czechsexbabypenetrationburningboyhipster music Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

burningboy is a bohemian, notorious character from Brno’s culture scene, enfant terrible of Czech electro and you can hear him every even Saturday evening in his burningDOWNtheHOUSE show on Penetration is the third album after SUFFER4BEAUTY and moisturize. It bares 8 songs of his own, a remake of Rihanna’s hit single S&M in collaboration with a producer called Not:For:Kids and burningboy’s featuring in Panacik’s Struny (of Mrakodrap album, 2013). Additionally, this download also includes a Manifesto remix by 4F of subSonic Studio, Brno, who is responsible for album’s engineering as well.

The album is restricted to adults only not just because of explicit visual content of the booklet, but mainly as it is basically a personal story of a punk, who has lived his dream summed up by credo “sex, drugs & electro, baby!“ for ten years now. If you’ve always wanted to experience something like that, but you don’t want to have all the consequential hangovers, depressions, remorse and freaking out, you can have a musical concentrate in 42 minutes and 12 seconds. The recommended complimentary activity to its listening is revealed by the title itself…


Family, Muses, Not:For:Kids, Panacik, Frankie (4F), Mutant, Lukáš Scheffer, Vice Czech and

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