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me life music : Pavement Politics Vol.1

Released on
Playtime: 48:18 - 128kb/s - 36.22 MB



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Release Notes

MUTE is the collaborative project of two Beatsmiths located different sides of the Atlantic ocean. Unknown (LONDON) & Tha Silent Partner (BOSTON) have joined forces to up the instrumental game amongst hip hop. “After years of hearing sub-par beats spat on by sub par rappers we have decided to form MUTE too combat these serious crimes against music.”

Just a little heads up to those who know jack bout this project...

Basically me and TSP wanted to do a beat CD to send to record company's. We formed MUTE. We decided that a beat CD would be too generic so the beat cd mute-ated into an LP with a theme told by the beats (The theme will be revealed soon). We wanted to create summat that an mc could sit and write too but also a record that someone who aint a rapper can hear it and not get bored by a loop that dont change for 12 tracks.

we hope you enjoy!!

Many Unknown Tricks Executed. /> />