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zymogen : Ordinary Days

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 48:26 - 192kb/s - 54.49 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/05/24 15:28h



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Release Notes

Ordinary Days is a deep and consistent release focused on the latest productions of the sound designer Takeshi Nakamura composed in the last part of 2005. After a nice release on Neureal, Takeshi brings back his skills to create this complex album made of microsounds, drones and cold atmospheres where our Japanese friend shows his addiction to the obscure side of electronic sounds. These nine tracks sketch a development in Takeshi's music through a combination between cold ambient mood over oblique and processed rhythm. Ordinary Days moves between these two polarities: "Foolish Love" is the anomaly of the entire album with an intriguing melody that vibrates for a moment and then dissipates into the rough edges of "Killing Time" and "Maze". In the first one Takeshi builds an essential structure of minimal beats and hypnotizing loops interspaced by a warm pad, the second one has a similar structure too but with a singular acid riff that explodes at the end of the track. "Dozed Off" slows down the tension into far reverbs and resonant samples, then Takeshi disjoints a "Commonplace Beat" into the chipped and disorganic mellow of "Peaceful Days". "Voices", probably the best track of the album, is a complex of computerized voices, intricate beats and sub drones, a mood wich can be compared with the sonority of songs like Ipacial Section or Sim Gishel of the mighty Autechre who surely stands among Takeshi's ispirations. The end of Ordinary Days is a deep and cerebral journey through desolate landscapes of cold ambient lightened by high frequency quakes where you'll feel lost and fascinated.

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