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voxpupolirecords : Noize City

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 59:26 - 320kb/s - 111.44 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/05/23 13:38h



recordsnoize cityvox pupoli recordsvoxpupolitriesteitalydoctor fecaluskarnokkorokjimmy krapmosshitfuckingshitvoltanindelebileravaskletthorpastapippo of doomvoxva001 Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

VOXVA001 NOIZE CITY is the release #1 of VOX PUPOLI RECORDS, the cd is a compilation of brutal cyber noise death gore grind bands from Trieste city (Italy). Tracklist:01. Doctor Fecalus & Karnokkorok - Bora de merda02. Doctor Fecalus & Karnokkorok - Kakkio hotel de merda03. Doctor Fecalus & Karnokkorok - No vermi in valbarmaura04. Doctor Fecalus & Karnokkorok - El muleto xe morto05. Doctor Fecalus & Karnokkorok - El bestemiador de San Giacomo (Uncensored)06. Doctor Fecalus & Karnokkorok - El bestemiador de San Giacomo (Radio Edit)07. Doctor Fecalus & Karnokkorok - Vojo xe morto in guera08. Doctor Fecalus & Karnokkorok - Xe la muta non la parla ma la gua ben09. Jimmy Krap - Allelujah10. Jimmy Krap - Brutal duck11. Jimmy Krap - Brutal I12. Jimmy Krap - Brutal II13. Jimmy Krap - Brutal III14. Jimmy Krap - Brutal IV15. Jimmy Krap - Brutal V16. Voltan - C'era una volta ren17. ShitFuckingShit - Ulcerrohoeaaaauuu18. ShitFuckingShit - Pissing On Vaginal Sperm19. ShitFuckingShit - Pig Fucking20. ShitFuckingShit - GorgoROT21. ShitFuckingShit - Gay-Propaganda22. Mos - Mothor (feat. Karnokkorok)23. Mos - OSC24. Mos - Mettalmeccanico25. Karnokkorok - Maestro Renato Serio26. Karnokkorok - Destrometrofano27. Karnokkorok - Wistle28. Karnokkorok - Black fashion29. Karnokkorok - I am in you30. Karnokkorok - HH31. Karnokkorok - Chaos live32. Karnokkorok - Virtuoxxo33. Karnokkorok - Ma ke mal te ga34. Karnokkorok - Ma ki e35. Karnokkorok - I rikki ke se impikki36. Karnokkorok - Moana mo37. Karnokkorok - Te me ga rotto el cazzo38. Karnokkorok - Va cagar39. Karnokkorok - Be nice or leave40. Indelebile - Mali estremi41. Ravaskletthor - Fabrica de pompe (feat. Karnokkorok)42. Ravaskletthor - Nagana (feat. Karnokkorok)43. Ravaskletthor - Sonsay S'Cyokah44. Ravaskletthor - Tcho Kotthajito45. Pastapippo of Doom - Un Aprofitator dela GenteContacts:Doctor Fecalus - - - Krap - - Pupoli Records ->