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restingbell : Mirrors

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 41:29 - 192kb/s - 46.67 MB
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Release Notes

Petr Drkula (Czech Republic) released several albums on netlabels like Test Tube, AudiTong, Digitalbiotope, Abdicate Cell, Mahorka, Protoplazma. He experiments with a clean-cut range of digital and audio sound sources in minimal way with sense of purity and clarity of construction. In this production he frequently use arpeggiating, delaying, layering, shifting and breaking of a structure in all parameters."Mirrors" is a single, 41 minutes long composition. The whole piece is built upon a shifting motive of sharp, harpischord-like tones, varying in arpeggio, speed and pitch. If you need a comparison, Steve Reich’s work (like Drumming or Six Pianos) gives you a good impression and works with the repetitive moment in a similar way.It's a very meditative work, which can make you calm and let you breathe deep.

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