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fish recordings : Mefjus - Mindless

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 6:20 - 320kb/s - 11.88 MB
Date released
Date published
2009/10/24 16:48h



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Release Notes

mefjus is back again on fish recordings:MEFJUS  - "MINDLESS" [fishrecordings / FISH004]you know everything about schnitzelstep since the release of the first tune by crazy austrian mefjus on fish recordings 002. now, with this release, another very important (!) question is supposed to be answered:what for christ sake does mefjus mean or stand for?is this some crazy slang-expression for a new awesome kind of drug:a totally devastating combination of methamphetamine with some crazy juice (you know like meth with cranberryjuice or something like that)?or is it even something about wu-tang (like rza saying: "yo! mef jus kicked his ass!")?it could be a megalomaniac acronym for "M.ale E.uropean F.reak J.acking U.p S.tandards". what do you think?probably and most likely it means absolutely nothing...if you know it just send an e-mail to or tell us via!

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