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djummi-records : Maldonado

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 31:22 - 320kb/s - 58.81 MB
Date released
Date published
2024/06/06 22:49h



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Release Notes

There are 13 songs on an album! And it only takes one take to record. Well, let’s say two! But then it’s done. On a left-handed guitar, the high strings are at the top, did you know? By the way, Depeche Mode would be even better if they counted like the Pixies. Playing on mobile? No, you don’t do that. Real men (and certainly real women too) always have a games console with them everywhere. By the way, you can also use it to build great beats!

Andreas and Jule recorded the record “Maldonado” in a relaxed manner one evening in the rehearsal room with half a handful of microphones. Always one song at a time. Of course, a maximum of one or two takes and beyond (see above). Beats and electro sounds come exclusively from the Nintendo Korg DS-10, the legendary plug-in card synthesizer for the legendary Nintendo DS. Just Gameboyboogiewoogie!

Sebastian then dragged the songs through his very own cocoa again and swung the egg shaker. Just Alternative Ohrwurms!

A record about football, interpersonal relationships (love), deep sea adventures and party visions. Well-chosen words in German, English and gibberish. Music with waving guitars à la The Smiths and pop appeal in Belle & Sebastian style. Then again punk as we know it and techno as we don’t know it.

Yes, Mr. Schulze clearly has principles. Fortunately, kin of unconventional ones. That’s a good thing, of course. For example for his music. It is always straight forward, without repetitions, short and to the point. When everything is said (and played), everything is said (and played). One album, 13 tracks and xx minutes of playing time. Just Shortcuts!

And the boy on the cover? Yes, that’s Rolf. He looks at his star. “Ein Stern namens Rolf” is the name of the little children’s story that Andreas wrote and which is available in a stylish edition, wonderfully illustrated by Susana Luis, together with the CD for the album.

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