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BFWrecordings : Los Desposeidos

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 48:08 - 320kb/s - 90.25 MB
Date released
Date published
2013/04/08 12:06h



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Release Notes

Post blues or post-soul would decree the English critic Simon Reynolds if he had the opportunity to listen to the album that is by editing AguasTónicas soon or better yet, witness the band live. As it is unlikely that this (that Reynolds will listen) happen in the short term, it is necessary to say a few things: the music of AguasTónicas has almost nothing to 'post' and a lot of 'pre'. It says nothing of the end of an era, but speaks of a time to come, in which some things are similar to before, and others will change our lives forever. In short: they are songs to accompany those who make the decision to change their lives. It is, perhaps, the soundtrack of an organic world, constructivist, utopian, in which the single thought is abolished and only serve to make soy patties. For now we have to settle with the music.
Integrated by Mariano Conti [guitar and vocals], Jorge Capriotti [Guitars], Santo Martinez [drums], Esteban Manino [bass], Mauro Cuffaro [synth and guitar] Tonic Water was formed in 2004, and in 2006 released their first album AguasTónicas [2006]. There compositions embodied powerful left stinging guitars that bring strong memories of 70s Argentina's bands like Manal and Pescado Rabioso. In 2008, 'Canal de Amor y Confusión' and in 2009 a live album recorded during the presentation of 'Canal de amor...' at the Festival de Jazz de Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, which later becomes Transmisión Amor Confusión.
The latest to date is 'Los Desposeidos' published in 2011 a conceptual utopia that lives up to its name the homonymous book by Ursula K. Le Guin.

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