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terminalstation : London Town

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 30:29 - 192kb/s - 34.29 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/10/29 21:58h



Give Love
Give Rubel ?

Release Notes

Being raised in agony, Piper_Ben always tried to escape from the world around him and nevertheless couldn’t manage to do so.

Finally some time later, being 19, he found out music was the perfect way for me to deal with his day to day struggle. Music helped him get over any broken relationship and it kinda encouraged him to carry on. Somehow, though, only listening to music wasn’t quite enough. Thus he tried to make music himself, he got himself some cheap software and tried re-editing some 1950’s style rockabilly songs, i.e. Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard ect..

Those re-edits sounded like crap, though, and then he tried to make music of his own. The first ever song he made was called “Ghost” and had some ‘spooky’ synth sample; which sounded like one of those cartoon ghosts flying around a haunted old mansion, like the ones you could think of when reading “The Canterville Ghost”.

He got more into the Ambient/Chillout style of music then and, after his late uncle from the USA told him about the people that first came to what later should be the USA, made a whole album, which he called the “Founding Fathers EP”. It only had three songs on it, yet they each had a minimum length of 17 minutes. This he considers to be his first ever album.

About a year after that, he discovered a guy from Hong Kong named Zhang Jian Wen, who makes a very special kinda music that sounds like a mixture of Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre. He inspired Piper_ben and he trained his composing skills the best he could, after that he got more and more into making music. He learned how to work with several kinds of music software and his style of music got more and more electronic, until it was what you can hear today.



1 Thames River

2 In the Fog

3 London by Night

4 Good News

5 Thames River at Midnight

6 In the Fog [DIGITALOMAT Remix]

7 In the Fog [Melonox Edit]


London Skies

While snow keeps falling on London town I’m hiding in the dark. Thinking about my life so far makes me shiver, makes me frown.

I’m not a saint, I am a sinner. I’m a loser, not a winner. My heart has been sold out on the streets, it has been torn out like a fleet has from the harbour. Oh my, I thought I was smarter.

November rain sprays into my face, I’m searching for your almighty grace. November rain sprays into my face, hope that one day you’ll be in my place.

Hope you’ll be with me one night. We might have a look at London skies. Snow was falling London town, it makes me shiver, makes me frown.


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