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12rec : Logenplatz im Pantheon

Released on
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Playtime: 30:43 - 192kb/s - 34.56 MB



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Release Notes

Hip Hop came a long way since it left the shady backyards of New York City. This Genre is a chameleon and all the differences between the diversified schools of Hip Hop make it difficult to distinguish good from bad. Pure underground exists next to bling-bling mainstream-rap, MCs preaching hate & love in one single track and your up-to-date indierock boyfriend thinks that 'it's just sampled...'. Well, all of this is true.

Another point that is important when you're talking about Hip Hop leads us to Raflesia: Rapmusic depends on where you're from. Even Jennifer Lopez claims to know it! Raflesia are two MCs and a DJ from Dortmund in western Germany. Raps are German and Spanish, both MCs have a classical, straight-forward style of rapping. While the vocals are quite old-school, DJ Feezen Freezen put up a fresh production that combines rough beats with catchy synthesizer-arrangements and a whole load of little electronic noises and samples from old films and stuff. His productions have a huge pop-appeal. Still, Feezen knows how to disturb the listener every once a while to let him know: this ain't chart music!

Amigo and Cachafa spit their lyrics between coming-of-age, high-handedness and scents of battle and sketch the whole range of Hip Hop's thematic repertoire. Amigo is the thin white duke, his texts have a strong philosophic (even therapeutic?) background. Cachafas' Raps are more gangster. While Amigo is the storytelling guy, Cachafa seems to draw inspiration from beef and battle. You can hear both MCs had been infected in the 90s, probably they admire german rap-groups like RAG and the infamous Stieber Twins and you'll recognize they've grown up between smoking slots and soccer in the Ruhr Area.This is probably our straightest release. But we love it, and we're proud to release a tight piece of Rapmusic that fits the region like nothing else. Wir tragen dein Herz auf der Zunge. Word!

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