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editora do porto : Live Volume

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 01:03:39 - 320kb/s - 119.34 MB
Date released
Date published
2013/08/07 23:10h



experimentaldark ambientelectro-acousticlive-recording Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

Live Volume is a live-recorded dark ambient 6 track compilation, specially prepared by different friend musicians.
Anarytmiczny Sinus Ale Noisemalistick Silnik B: Profili was recorded in October-November, 2011, for the famous world calendar date: 11.11.11 (never before and never after).
Trotskyism_titles#2 (music for film) was recorded in January, 2012.
Maggie Spring Theme was recorded in February, 2012, for Margarita Alexiy-Solovyova's birthday as a sound present.
Hard to Explain the Silence was recorded in April, 2012, and Insufficientia Cardialis Acuta was recorded in May-June, 2012, both as soundtracks for Ian Licht's film METER.
Oil-Blooded Bird was recorded in July, 2012, for Oil-Blooded Bird album which is dedicated to Nature Rights and against technical violence.


Alexandr Vasilyev – semi-acoustic guitar (A, T, H), special guitar applications (T, H), looper (T, H), piano drones & reverbs (H) />
Hikaru Yamada – sax (H), computer noises (H), special live noises (H) /> />
Humsterdrum – guitar (I) />
Luci – didgeridoo (A) />
Polina Ageykina – voice (A) />
RMSS Systems Inc. – bass (A, H, O), acoustic (M) & semi-acoustic (O) guitars, fuzz (O), loops & samples (A, T, M, H, I, O), record & technical supplement (A, T, M, H, I, O) /> /> />

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