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Foundamental Network : Libidakachannie, martydavajna

Catalog number
Playtime: 01:15:02 - 320kb/s - 140.77 MB
Date published
2011/03/30 00:04h

Custom license, please check on labels website.


experimentalambientmodern classicpost-rock Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

I’ve already forgotten - when have this question started troubling me... I was falling into the void - there was not even "nothing” around. Only consciousness, endlessness existed. I was the spirit... I was able to create...I have made the Nothing. I was drawn by gravity - and was falling down.  Suddenly I turned into energy... and here it is... my body. I was falling down... listening to slow sounds.Then there was this innocent world. And I’ve decorated it. I made a hill with a paradise tree and wind was singing about life, touching the lilac leaves. Tears meant sadness, excitement and moments of bliss. And then…  She was looking at this fairytale world. There was nothing more beautiful than it! And I have taught her to create. We were doing it together and promised each other not to create Time. Eternity was passing by. - Why did you burn the tree? It was standing on the top of the hill - and you’ve never ever climbed there before! Well then. I have erased your rainbow.  - You have dried out the sea?! I have erased your rainbow because you have burned the tree! Then!.. I’ll ruin your mountains! …- You have covered the sky with darkness?! My soft bright-violet sky? Well then. I will crush these stupid flowers then!…You have stopped the music! Why did you stop the music?!……- I have been always hating you. I should have killed you earlier. Fuck this - everything. I have destroyed everything. So that is why I’m falling down into the void?


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