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Krackatoa : Komodo Dodo

Released on
Playtime: 01:09:35 - 160kb/s - 65.23 MB
Date released
Date published
2011/10/19 02:43h



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Release Notes

Krackatoa's 1999 debut release "Komodo Dodo" is an experimental album with a mixture of synthetic sounds and eclectic samples combined together to form strange unorthodox music.

1 The time has come
2 Silver Saphron
3 Green Lady
4 White mans disease
5 Goldengate Honey
6 Where all the dodo's go
7 Sleeping my life away
8 This aint Kansas
9 The magic accordion
10 Pagans & Pilgrims
11 Komodo Dodo
12 Green Lady (Extented version)
13 Brain fuzz
14 Extinct

written and produced by Andre Owen
Vocals - Andre Owen
Keyboards - Andre Owen
copyright 1999 Andre Owen

Krackatoa are dark trance / fusion one man band hailing from Auckland, New Zealand's North Shore combining traditional music techniques with modern ones combined in strong melodies and rhythms first started back in 1998.

Influences are varied and wander all directions within the Electronica spectrum, Jean Michel Jarre, Herbie Hancock, Spacehog, Apollo 440, Green Nuns of the Revolution, Jean Sibelius and Satie. Krackatoa have been releasing tracks regularly since 1998 and in that time, built up their own unique ambient sound.

All Krackatoa Tracks encoded variable biterate mp3s

Disclaimer - All Krackatoa music is free to download for personal mp3 collections feel free to spread the music to any friends etc, no commercial use is allowed without permsission from artist. Contact the krackatoa website for more details.

Krackatoa website
Krackatoa page
Krackatoa Myspace Page

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