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fish recordings : Kaiza + Paralogic + Undead + Evilbass Of Aenimal - The Return Of The Megawolf

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 8:03 - 320kb/s - 15.09 MB
Date released
Date published
2011/01/02 16:36h



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Release Notes

ladies and gentlemen, madames and sirs, boys and girls, thisis the fiftieth release by fish recordings, the last release in 2010and, surprisingly, the last release for the present. there had been90 tracks by 47 artists from all over the world shared with everybody,and, additionaly, 49 texts (and 1 interview) out of the minds of twocrazy guys from germany had been presented with the music whichmake you indeed ask yourself about their mental health.this concept did not really work out. so, all this resulted in nearly NO FAME, NO GLORY at all, NO MONEY (what a surprise as we are talking about a free label and free releases) and of course NO BITCHES!the two dilletants behind this project will have a serious thought aboutmaking minimal techno now, they will get famous instantly (and btw get money and bitches) and they will leave behind all this crappy drum and bass shit. just kidding!!!of course they will show more love to the music, the artists (at leastsome of them) and the scene (LOL). maybe the day will come thatsome more release(s) on fish recordings will see the light of the day,some more textual madness will hit your brains and some more highquality design and artwork will blind your eyes :-Dbut the makers behind fish recordings do not want to leave you alone now without a small quotation (by ernesto laclau) which wasmodified slightly in order to fit their approach :-D"the impasse that musical theory experiences in relation to populism is far from accidental, for it is routed in the limitationof the ontological tools currently available to musical analysis;that populism, as the locus of a theoretical stumbling block, reflects some of the limits inherent in the ways in which musicaltheory has approached the question of how musical agents totalize the ensemble of their musical experience."that is it for now, dj zoidberg (aka p3t3r bark3r) and mc moby dick (aka kaiza) wish a glorious new year 2011, including fame, money and bitches for all (at least nearly all)! dont get wastedtoo much and remember: "music is a priceless art!" (LOOOOOOL!)

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