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Audiocast Productions : Invisible Stories

Catalog number
Playtime: 14:54 - 320kb/s - 27.94 MB
Date released
Date published
2011/03/31 12:54h



electronicaexperimentalambientelectronictrip-hopaudiocast productionsbrian eno Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

Following the release of ‘The Children of the Sea‘, Black On Black (now Jon Niche) wanted to quickly follow up this EP with a new range of material, allowing for him to ride the success of the train that TCOTS created.

However, it was a range of personal and musical which created a large amount of writers-block and an obsession for songs being on par or better with the previous releases, with most songs either being totally unfinished or scraped in the final stages of production for this reason.

At the dawn of the new decade, Black on Black decided to strip himself of his previous persona, taking on ‘Jon Niche’ as a new alias for his music, bringing with him a new attitude and a new direction for his music.

Influenced more by artists such as Brian Eno, Modwheelmood and his own peers, Jon Niche has created an album not to walk around listening to, or to listen with sub-par earphones through an iPod, but an album for lying or sitting down and listening to.

Most of this music was created utilising the late night walks and late night album listening sessions that has influenced Jon Niche in the past, and thus must be listened as such.

‘Invisible Stories’ has been a labour of love for Jon Niche, having been crafting and perfecting these songs for damn near over 10 months, these songs have been ripped apart and re-recorded more times than Jon cares to remember, and hopes that you enjoy and appreciate the efforts that have gone into this release.

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