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zymogen : Insectes, Attente et Pixels

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 33:23 - 256kb/s - 50.07 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/05/24 15:29h



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Release Notes

Among the artists who combine the aesthetics and sound sculpting of avant-garde with the posse and power of bass-driven urban music D'incise is clearly one of the most interesting and solids of them all and his latest release on Zymogen is only an example of that."Insectes, Attente et Pixels" got to be one of the best produced albums I have heard in a while, every sound seems carefully constructed and the way the percussive structures are built, leaves the listener absolutely dazzled and delighted.The first track "Elle Dort" is a mellow and epic opener, with a laid back mood to it that clashes with an intricate progression of broken percussions that maintain a level of tension through the entire track.This album have some hyper, convoluted and frantic peaks on "Contemplatif et pixellisé" and "On peut pas tout cacher avec le printemps": both ecstasies of broken sounds and blazing self-constraining shapes, that grow into enormous bursts of chaotic energy.Something that I truly love abut D'incise, is that he has some kind of a hardcore attitude, very strong willed and filled with anger and rage that is very present on "Spectacle" whose heavy rhythm evokes the power and will of a military march. Even though I don't speak French and don't understand what the vocal sample from the beginning says, it's not hard to understand that they are upset about something that has to do with the unfair and miss proportioned economical situation the world lives today. This very powerful and dark record finds a balance with slower and awkwardly built tracks such as "Anticipation D'un Voyage"(probably my favorite tracks of the whole record), "Traumatisme Enfantin" and finally "Insectes diurnes et nocturnes". On those pieces D'incise experiment with unsetting speeds and weird pitching that grow into some really beautiful shapes and motions."Insectes, Attente et Pixels" is an exceptional record that a lot of people could clearly enjoy: from the IDM-heads to people more interested in avant garde experimentation.

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