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Laverna : Insanity

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 28:08 - 320kb/s - 52.75 MB
Date released
Date published
2011/10/24 00:17h



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Release Notes


Close your eyes and close yourselves to the world for a while.
Look for contemplation and absorption and slowly begin to enlighten the dark side.
What's in it?
What lives in those often forgotten places?
What kind of noises and sounds is generated in that tiny corner of the universe being silent for so long ?
Maybe you are going to listen to a sound which represent the sum of the excessive silence unconsciously gathered, it will be the echo of static thougths because potentially insane .
Keep descending further down ,don't stop in front of the visions or the indistinct buzzing made 'by voices' and intrude beyond right into your insanity.
The most hidden emotions reside there and there also hides the mechanism of creation.
You just have to stretch out your hand to turn it on and allow our intimate insane being to identify and accept itself as it is: a primaeval creature wildly dancing into the uncontrolled beat of the dream.

Mirco Salvadori

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