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top 40 : GLitch ov Batumi

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experimentalambientglitchlo-fiethnicbroken beat Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

Artur (DJ Nikto), who stays behind ROZA project, hails from Kharkiv, Ukraine, but nowadays he lives in Poland. He describes his own sound as a russian-kosmic-shaman-hypno-contactee style. Hell of a description, but it suits ROZA's music very well.What we really like about the album is that it's almost impossible to characterize it in a matter of specific musical genre or style. This is the music which can be depicted in such terms as good or appealing, or visionary or surreal, but not rock, hip-hop, glitch, negerpunk or whatever else standardized tags are offering...The album opens with a deep, vibrant sound which reminds me the final dark electronic period of Coil. But soon the music turns into some sort of tribal-folk with a heartbreaking chorals, freakish oriental drum patterns, and blurred string melodies which flows in an endless ocean of acoustical noises. The more you listen to this epic ballade-intro, the more you realize that GLitch ov Batumi will settle down in your playlist for a long time. On Irenashvili djan, ROZA exploit the catchy acid-flavored oriental broken beats (a-la Muslimgauze). On Mountings you're drowning in a deepest lake of abstract ambient, and the comprehensive title of Drummers ov God song needs no additional comments.GLitch ov Batumi is definitely one of the best albums we received this year and we're really happy and proud to share this music with you - we hope it's not the latest piece from the wonderful ROZA project. And he already promised to send us more stuff. Let the beat contact your body...

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