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FUSELab : Fuselab Podcast 19

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Playtime: 01:04:43 - 320kb/s - 121.34 MB
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Release Notes

“If Daft Punk had remixed Sigor Rós” – 24/7 Magazine

Budapest’s Žagar have been leading the way in tripped out spacey electronica, combining the epicness of M83 with Jean Michelle Jarre synth explorations.

So Zagar mixed a special thing for us this time – psyche, dreamy and glowing. Fit.

01. Michael’s Opening (Mister Lonely OST)
02. David August – Forgive Me If I Bleed
03. Belle Belle – Home
04. Pink Floyd – Welcome to the Machine
05. Justin Timberlake – Blue Ocean Floor (Deebs Rework)
06. Zagar – Space Medusa (Headshotboyz Remix)
07. Cashmere Cat – Mirror Maru (G. Vump Remix)
08. Apparat Organ Quartet – The Anguish of Space-Time
09. Zagar – Lightstones
10. Astrobal – Poetry & Science Fiction
11. Tomita – Debussy – Arabesque No. 1
12. Zagar – Never the Same (AMB Remix)
13. Marcello Giombini – Taurus
14. Marseille – The Killing Sun
15. Darin Epsilon – Shine the Light (Ryan Davis Reconstruct)
16. Radio People – Night Club
17. Flying Lotus – A Cosmic Drama
18. Zagar – Love & Strangeness
19. Gyulai Gaál János – Boszorkányok és Tündérek (Janos Vitéz OST)
20. William Orbit – Oglive
21. M83 – Safe

Duration: 01:04:40

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