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CerebralAudio : Experiments In Isolation Two

Released on
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Playtime: 56:02 - 320kb/s - 105.06 MB
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Date published
2016/08/18 07:16h



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Release Notes

Experiments In Isolation Two

Scott Lawlor’s exploration of sensory deprivation (also known as perceptual isolation) continues with Experiments In Isolation Two. On this release Scott explores two topics related to sensory deprivation and Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST):

On Total Isolation Scott explores the results of an experiment conducted on six individuals. The individuals were locked into chambers deep inside a nucler bunker for forty eight hours. At the conclusion of the experiment several of the participants were unable to complete simple tasks, it was estimated their mental capacity had deteriorated, with one subjects facilities deteriorating by 36 percent. All of the men in the study were also found to be much more suggestible, although the women were not.

Theta State is the brainwave that is seen as marking the transition from being awake to sleeping. During some types of tests / therapy (primarily Flotation REST) the Theta State can last for several minutes, This state is often seen as contributing to enhanced creativity or problem solving.

Scott takes you inside the mind of a person that is in one of these states. He is interpreting the feeling of being totally isolated, and exploring the heightened awareness of the Theta State. You may not have the money to experience Flotation REST or Chamber REST yourself, so this is the next best thing.

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